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In reality, there are just four elements to having a simple sales plan for your course(s).

MAST Framework (1)

With the MAST Framework you'll have all the right strategies to succeed in this new ULTRA-competitive online world.

Create The Perfect Sales Message To Make Your Course(s) Irresistable.

Learn The Right Ways To Help Your Audience Know, Like, AND Trust You!

Marketing Creates Potential Customers. Sales Systems Collect Cash. Let's Dial That In Too.

Learn The Strategies That Work For Driving Traffic, Not The Latest Spammy Tactics.

It's Not Your Fault.
Selling A Course Is Hard.

When you're "in the thick of it" . . . "it" can be hard to see.


The path gets much more clear when you have the strategies that allow you to know you're going the right way.


Your Vision Is Within Reach!

Dear Frustrated, Confused, Or Discouraged Course Creator

Have you been chasing every “shiny object” out there trying to find the right marketing formula?

If you’re like many of the course creators I talk to, you're struggling with sales and marketing.  And you're probably trying every tool, trick and tactic you can find to figure it out.

This guru says one thing, while that guru says the exact opposite.  The truth is they're both right because they're telling you what worked for them.

The problem're not them.

I get your pain.  

I’ve suffered through following the gurus...buying every course out there, in hopes that this one is THE ONE.

If you're like I was, by now, you might actually be wondering “Is this just a big mistake?”  

Or, “Do I really have what it takes to make this work?

Or “What’s the right set of tools for me to get my business going in the right direction?

It's coming together for me now.  I've spent a few years and over $30k on courses, coaching, programs, and mentoring.

Now I see that it's not about what button is this guru or that guru pressing.

It's about the STRATEGY they're implementing.

Here’s the good news.  

There is a simple strategy you can follow.

You don't need the gory, step-by-step details of what worked for the gurus.  You need something different.


Specifically, you need the map.


With some "strategy" help, it's actually easier than you think!


I'm So Confused
You Don't Need To Chase Any More Shiny Objects

Here's Why You Should Join This Challenge

Now, you don't have to be the one to spend multiple years and thousands of dollars to "figure out" the successful strategies.

With a proven plan to follow, you'll implement a consistent method for attracting new clients.

If that's what you've only dreamed of until now, then...

...let's turn that dream into reality!

By the end of this challenge, you’ll have the proven set of marketing frameworks (a complete system) in your hands.

By implementing these frameworks you will find the right people for your course(s).

And you'll learn how to "talk" to them in a way that drives their curiosity.

Plus, you'll learn the most effective methods to capture sales. 

And you'll build your Authority in the process.

This new framework will provide everything you need to finally be successful, from A - Z.

Not only that, but...

You'll get results DURING the challenge, if you play full out.

So come ready to participate and exchange ideas with like minded people.

It's a highly interactive experience that will help you create the exact success map for your unique business.

You Don't Need To Chase Any More Shiny Objects

The No More Chasing Shiny Objects Challenge Plan


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Get Clarity For Your Business Growth

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In Times Like These?

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Do not miss this incredibly unique 5-day live and highly-interactive learning experience where you'll get personally mentored by Professional Trainer and Marketer - Keith Pelchat.


The challenge starts June 14th and will deliver the most important information you need to implement right now to grow your business.


And just for showing up and doing the daily assignments you could win one of these incredible prizes (valued at $1,200).

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Meet Your Mentor

Keith Pelchat

Keith has worked as a professional speaker/trainer since 1996.  He's taught thousands of people on lot's of topics.  Since 2015 he's become an avid student of digital marketing and has a coaching practice helping others launch and grow their businesses.  He'll help you take your business to the next level, whatever that may be for you.

Keith has mentors too.  Just like you should.  Finding the people who help you in the way you need is really important.  His mentors include folks like Pedro Adao and Steve J. Larsen, among others.

With a fresh perspective, Keith proudly brings the best practices of today to the world of online Self Education, and is committed to helping course creators everywhere breakthrough their current barriers.

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What Are Others Are Saying?

Wendy F.

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"I appreciate the walk through step by step of how to create the funnel."

-Gwen S
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"I loved how detailed instructions were from Keith.  Keith will make you think, as to how to create pages to attract interest to the potential customer"

-Sherri H

"I really appreciated the big view picture of a marketing system AND the specifics of how to do it."

-Wendy F

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