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Keith Pelchat

Keith has worked as a professional speaker/trainer since 1996.  He's taught thousands of people on lot's of topics.  Since 2015 he's become an avid student of digital marketing and has a coaching practice helping other coaches get their coaching businesses launched, with paying clients and everything.  He'll help you take your coaching practice to the next level, whatever that may be for you.

Keith has mentors too.  Just like you should.  Finding the people who help you in the way you need is really important.  His mentors include folks like Pedro Adao and Steve J. Larsen, among others.

With a fresh perspective, Keith proudly brings the best practices of today to the world of health and life coaching, and is committed to helping coaches everywhere breakthrough their current barriers.

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See What Others Are Saying

Wendy F.

GwenS-FBComment (1)

"I appreciate the walk through step by step of how to create the funnel."

-Gwen S
SherriH-FBComment (1)

"I loved how detailed instructions were from Keith.  Keith will make you think, as to how to create pages to attract interest to the potential customer"

-Sherri H

"I really appreciated the big view picture of a marketing system AND the specifics of how to do it."

-Wendy F

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